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Become a part of the Sound of Us

We want to hear your sound. Record a sound that tells us a story about you. It can be anything. A heartbeat, coffee brewing, child laughing, birds singing, whatever tells your unique story. Daniel will then take your sound and transform into music for the Sound of Us album.

Watch the video as Daniel takes you step-by-step through the submission process or go to the form now.

  1. Record an audio or video file with your sound. Files must be 30 seconds or less and under 100MB.
  2. Include the story behind your sound in the video or audio file or write it on the form.
  3. Do NOT include any copyrighted material. Original sounds only please.
  4. Fill out the form below and upload your sound.
  5. Don't forget to hit submit!

If you have any questions or trouble uploading contact

Thank you for sharing your sound! We can't wait to hear your story. Keep on eye on your email for updates on the progress of the Sound of Us.