Thank you for sending us your amazing sound! Watch Daniel hard at work transforming those sounds into music for the Sound of Us.

What is the Sound of Us

Tell your story in a single sound. That is what Colombian-born singer/songwriter Daniel Jimenez Afanador wants to collect from people around the world, and much like a hip hop producer, use these samples as the building blocks of the Sound of Us. Part music album, part documentary, part online community, the Sound of Us is an interactive journey to discover if our stories, no matter how challenging or diverse, connect us rather than divide us.

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What We’re Doing


Making a Record

The record will tell the stories of human beings from all walks of life through sounds that they create themselves. Sounds will be collected via online submissions and face-to-face interactions, reaching out to those who may not normally be heard. A heartbeat becomes a drum or a person’s story becomes the theme of a song as Daniel transforms the samples into his record. It will be up-tempo, a little electronic, a little acoustic, and completely unique.

Documenting the Journey

The documentary will not only capture the process of transforming the samples into the Sound of Us, it will also take a closer look at the people and the story behind their submitted sound. We’ll explore the connections between the sounds and find out if there are recurring themes. Experts in music and other fields will also provide insight about the project and the issues it explores.


Why Do This

We are constantly being reminded of our differences and not of our similarities. We are told “it’s us against them” and this has only led to tragedy all throughout history. By making the Sound of Us, we want to create meaningful connections between people of diverse backgrounds to shine a light on the experiences that connect us all as human beings.

We are all the same

Our Partners

Thank you to all of our partners who are helping make the Sound of Us a reality.

  • Harmony Project HARMONY PROJECT
    A non-profit to promote the healthy growth and development of children in low-income communities through the study, practice and performance of music.
  • Find Your Groove

    A non-profit dedicated to ensuring youth music and arts eduction programs are available for everyone, everywhere.

  • The Cusp Association THE CUSP ASSOCIATION
    Creative marketing for creative businesses. Providing one-on-one consulting to artists, musicians and other creatives to help them find their focus and develop customized solutions for building their brand.
  • Wonderland Entertainment Group WONDERLAND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP
    Working to create an enlightened universe through the production and financing of thought-provoking films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, TV series, and much more.

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